Earlsdon Wheelers

(Affiliated to the CTC)

Encouraging Cycling For The Residents Of Earlsdon & Around


Earlsdon Wheelers

The Earlsdon Wheelers go for rides of about 20 to 50 miles in areas around Coventry and Warwickshire.  You can use the map below to look for possible destinations in the area.
You can zoom the map and drag it to anywhere in the world

We ride every Saturday throughout the year. 
Although we have a scheduled programme, we sometimes add extra rides which are of course publicised.

The forum at http://ewcc.freeforums.org/       is now deactivated and cannot be used.

All  Saturday  rides are planned for a 9.30am start.

We run 2 Saturday rides -  A faster brisk ride and a slower steady ride.  More often than not both groups have the same destination, but sometimes this is not suitable.
Where possible both groups will meet up for a refreshment break.

We are slowly building up a DataBase of rides .  There is a link to GPX map fiiles  - that you can download and use in any appropriate device - such as a Garmin or GPS enabled smart phone.  There is also a link to Bike Hike - which will enable you to see the actual route on a Bike Hike Map.

Our Next Scheduled Weekend Ride

Extra ad Hoc rides and Special Events

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Before you read any further - we want you to have a safe ride - and have prepared some brief documentation to advise on this.  Please take a short while to read and understand these documents.  Thank you.

Earldon Wheelers are not a club in the traditional sense. There is no membership, no fees, no committee and no commitee meetings.
We are an informal group who get together to go for bike rides.
Each ride is planned in advance by a 'leader' for that ride, and every effort is made to choose routes that are of low hazard.  But inevitably there are times when we have to ride on busier roads, and we try to keep this to a minimum.
It is expected riders that are responsible for their own behaviour and riding safety.
It is also expected that riders treat all other road users - pedestrians, cyclists and motorists with respect and courtesy, and do nothing to risk their safety.
You are expected to obey the law with respect to cycling, and we do not tolerate behaviour that threatens the safety of other road users.  Pedestrians can be vulnerable - and cycling on pavements is both illegal and increases the risk to pedestrians.  Don't do it.
Should you be involved in an incident with a third party, then you as an individual will be expected to resolve the matter with that party.

We are a group of people who like cycling, don't worry at all about bikes or kit, and travel at an easy pace . 

Most bikes are suitable, although a few gears will be helpful to ascend the relatively few hills in the area

But a note on kit - more of us than not wear a helment, and you won't need reminding that it rains a lot here.

We stick to quiet roads mainly  - and suitable bridle ways - and avoid difficult terrain. Of course there are times when we have to use a busier road, but we minimise this as much as we can.

We try to find a pub or cafe about half way around the route, and stop for about 30 minutes  so we can recharge ourselves.

We are flexible, and if you would want to try us out on say a shorter run, or at a time during the week say, then we will try to accommodate you.

Each ride is led by someone who has volunteered to do this - and has planned the route in advance.  Normally the leader will have  completed the ride recently to make sure that there are no surprises on route.

You don't need to know much about bike maintenance, but you should be able to repair a puncture (bring your puncture kit) , or carry a spare inner tube and know how to replace a blown tube.

Your bike should of course be in fair condition before a ride, and it is upto you to check to make sure that brakes, steering and etc are safe.  Here are some suggestions

If you are not very experienced as a cyclist, then here are some brief ideas

Contact   David Knibb.

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